Christians Should Not Damn Homosexuality

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At one point in history, literal interpretations of the Bible was all the world had. In this time it was acceptable to stone someone to death and condemn homosexuals. As the intellectual side of humanity has grown it has stopped reading the Bible in a strict literal interpretation. Society no longer stones people to death, but they still condemn those who express themselves as homosexual. If Christians are willing to ignore some biblical teachings then they should not denounce others. Today’s Christians should not damn homosexuality. To begin with, Christians need to look at why homosexuality was originally damned. The writers of the Bible were mainly Jewish or Jewish converts. “In Jewish thought homosexual activity was considered a gentile problem especially, typical of their lifestyle and widespread among them; and it was linked to idolatry (Hultgren).” Of course Jewish people were going to look down on a practice they saw as worshipping an idol. Since homosexuality was associated with worshipping other gods, it was easy to denounce. Not worshipping idols or other gods are the first two Commandments, anything linked to breaking these are going to be condemned. Also, homosexual relationships were not only “idol worship”, but also abusive relationships. “A great deal of homosexual intercourse in Greco-Roman society was pederastic (a dominant older male with a passive younger male) and not infrequently involved slavery and rape (Evangelical Against Homosexuality).” When originated, same-sex relations rarely included two loving, happy, equal footed people. In fact having a homosexual relationship involving those characteristics was a vast minority. In addition to being viewed a Gentile practice and as abusive, “Many people… condem... ... middle of paper ... ...ntifying as homosexual also is not a means of idol worship like originally believed. Laws change as society changes. More information about gay partnerships emerges all the time, so the laws oppressing these people need to change with the times. There was a time women were viewed as completely inferior to men, this idea too has evolved and women now have a place in society. Finally, there is no such thing as an accurate interpretation of the Bible. There are as many interpretations of the Bible as there are people on earth, plus another million. To then add in other historical documents regarding homosexuality gives infinite beliefs on the ethics of homosexuality. The Bible itself is not clear on its definition of homosexuality, so Christians cannot use it as a defining source. Homosexuals should not be condemned based on ancient myths or for any other reason at all.

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