Christians' Beliefs About Their Responsibility for Other People

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Christians' Beliefs About Their Responsibility for Other People

Christians are taught to be responsible and compassionate towards

other people throughout their lives. To do this they must respond to

the world we live in today. Even though the bible teaches us to treat

all people as equals, our world is still divided. There are poor

people, there are people that live in absolute poverty, and Christians

are taught to do all they can to help this. Any wealth they have they

might acquire, should be shared with those less fortunate than

themselves. Christians must put bible teachings, and their faith into


There are so many teachings in the bible that show a Christian their

responsibilities. Even if they are not expressed directly, a Christian

should realise what is right to do from following other teachings in

the bible and the example that Jesus set in the way he lived his life.

He taught to "Love thy Neighbour" and he did so himself. Following

this you would do no wrong any person, in any way. It is one of the

many responsibilities that Christians undertake.

"Do unto others, as you will be done by". Some call this Matthew's

golden rule. Christians must follow this, in order to make all men

equal. Unfortunately this does not always happen, because there are

those people in the world, people that might not be Christians that

think they are more important than others are. One teaching that need

not be followed but simply understood, is that that says "It is easier

to pass a camel through the eye of a needle than it is to get a rich

man into the kingdom of heaven". Mark 12: 43 also says that "The widow

who gave more than she could afford is greatly blessed, more than the

rich man who gave plenty, but had plenty to spare". These teaching are

both showing Christians their responsibilities to others, and what to

do in life. If a Christian has a talent, God has given that talent to

them and they should share their talent and not be selfish.
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