Christianity and Allowing Capital Punishment

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Christianity and Allowing Capital Punishment

The question of whether Christians should allow capital punishment is

controversial and is often argued between many Christians. This

question can be answered by using the bible to help them understand

their morale and ways of life.

The Christians believe that Christians should allow capital punishment

and they argue this by using the bible in Exodus 21 24 "eye for eye,

tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot" this suggests that the

bible is saying that if a person commits a crime such as murder then

the criminal should be treated with the same crime. This shows that

the bible says that if a person is guilty of murder then the criminal

himself should be murdered which shows that the bible is supporting

capital punishment.

The Christians would argue that God himself commands the use of

capital punishment. We can see a good example of the first acts of

capital punishment, when God was involved directly or indirectly , in

taking of life as a punishment for the nation of Israel. Therefore

many Christians think that they should allow capital punishment

because if God himself is commanding the use of capital punishment

many feel that they should allow capital punishment and follow the

example of God. Many people also interpret this as if the a crime has

been committed that the person who has committed it must be punished.

This suggest that God permits capitals punishment but it must be used

in the correct way and only when the accused criminal is found 100%


The Christians would also argue that Christians should allow capital

punishment by using the example in Genesis 6...

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punishment because it offers the ultimate protection and also provides

retribution. The Christians would argue this because they believe that

by not having capital punishment it possibly allows the criminal to

re-offend the same crime again and therefore would not be safe for

other in the community if the criminal was allowed to live. The

Christians also argue that capital punishment should be allowed

because it offers sufficient revenge for an example say if a criminal

killed your mother then the revenge that the relative would want would

be for the criminal to be executed and the family would probably

accept no less than that. Therefore the capital punishment offers

sufficient amount of revenge and ultimate protection which is also why

some Christians believe that capital punishment should still be


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