Christianity Vs. Judaism

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In the world today, People fight wars over what they believe to be a “war of religion”, but are our religions so different that we have to fight? Or are they so much the same that we should have peace. The wars on religion have been going on for thousands of years, but hopefully this will show that we should just have peace and realize that the religions are, all in all, very similar. Like the two religions being compared right now, Christianity and Judaism, these comparisons will prove that they are similar. From how many gods they have, their holy origins, and their morals on being a good follower. These are the things being used to prove that Christianity and Judaism are all in all the same religion and are intensely similar.

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Christians and Jews are pretty much the same people, Christians were just Jews who believed Jesus was resurrected and is truly the messiah so they followed his religious views and teachings of god, making Christianity, while Judaism is just Jews who stayed with the fact that although Jesus was a cool guy, he wasn’t the messiah and they are still waiting for the messiah. Although it may sound like they’re different, the point is Christianity and Judaism were founded by the same people and follow the same morals, but just chose to follow different religious paths. This is an important part of each religion to look at because most believe that our religious upbringings are completely different, but they truly are not. How, after looking at the facts on how Jesus’ followers and Jesus himself were Jewish, how that the religions are the same in origin but are just made of different people. That’s what people should look at, how Jesus was a Jew who just wanted people to recognize him as the messiah and follow him and his ways, to believe in him as the son of god, while Jews are people who recognized Jesus as just a prophet and there is no son of god yet, or at least truly. The religions are still the same just believe in a different messiah not a different god and…show more content…
This is a hard one but pays off, every religion believes that you, as a follower, should be a good person, not murder, and overall just give back to humanity. It’s in all religions, major and minor ones, it’s in the sacred writings of each religion, whether it be the Torah or the bible. Life in each religion is designed to be a good, forgiving, and faithful person, believing in your god and religion without too much falter and believe that god is a good and forgiving supreme being who will forgive you for your trespasses and that if you repent for your sins in life he will grant you peace in death. Although the beliefs are similar just somewhat altered, both religions believe that you can make it to paradise in the afterlife by the examples previously stated, but why do they seem to think that they are different? Just because it’s named differently in a religion somehow makes it different? It doesn’t, it’s truly the same and either way as long as you are a good follower and person, and you keep your faith in god and humanity, then either religions outlooks on being a good follower are one in one with each other and can be looked at with much similarity and that each religions paths to being a good follower are paved with the exact same
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