Christianity, Politics, and George Bush

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Christianity, Politics, and George Bush

I feel that I am in the minority. I am a good-natured Christian without a political allegiance. I believe in the power of faith, sacrifice in defense of the public good, and “staying the course.” I trust God's will and others who do the same. I also believe in using the intelligence, talent, and judgment I was blessed with to help others and to promote my religion. This is my purpose and goal as a good person. I, like many similarly principled people, depend on my moral compass to guide me during moments of indecision. However in this presidential election, our faith-based guidance systems are having difficulty focusing on the target. Bush is a self-proclaimed instrument of God, but he is also close-minded and partisan. His determination was supposed to save this nation, but instead has alienated us from the rest of the world and sent us backwards in civil rights and environmental reform. As a Christian, I cannot abandon my support for those who wish to spread Christian values, but on the practical level this nation's fate cannot hinge on one man's faith.

The intersection of faith and logic has created an impasse. Christianity and the values at its roots have found in President Bush the opportunity to become more deeply ingrained into American society. After being re-elected, Bush will likely drive these values to such depths as to threaten other religions and our nation's founding principle of freedom of religion. The likely outcome of this would be more pervasive Christianity and Christian principles. Our nation could have more faithful, selfless, and hard-working citizens. But in building the Christian base, we risk eliminating our religious diversity. As our position in the glo...

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...pporting a party that promotes abortion. If we are to have faith as Christians, it should not go to any man or party of self-proclaimed righteousness but to the God that blessed us with the power and responsibility to vote. As moral and conscious citizens of this nation, we must exercise the intelligence we are blessed with to analyze the characteristics of both Presidential candidates and not base our judgments on self-branding, even if it appears to support the universal good of Christian principles. The truth lies in digging underneath the machined propaganda to discover the intentions and motivations of our leaders. Unearthing the mechanism of their true calling, we discover what makes them tick. Are they driven by personal gain or a devotion to faith and public service? Only with the answer to this question can we ground our faith in principles and not rhetoric.
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