Christianity: Christianity And Christianity

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Christianity is the most widely worshiped religion in the world, with over 2 billion believers backing the group and upholding the overall belief of God. Christians believe that God is there one true deity and that he is their creator. God created the world, he crated mankind in his image, and he shaped everyone and everything to what it is today. He sent his only son Jesus down to earth to die for our sins on the cross so that we could live and forever be forgiven for our sins. The question to this essay is what is the nature of God? What is God like for a Christian believer? Three key beliefs that I will be discussing to explain what God is like for a Christian is: Creator, Trinity/Triune and Saviour/Redeemer. Also a few similarities and differences will be included to show what we do and don’t have in common with religion of Hinduism.

Probably one of the most reverent key beliefs in the whole of Christianity as a religion, is Creator, God is the creator of our lives and our world. God is everything we believe and worship in, for mankind was created in the image of God himself. He created the lands we walk on, he created us, and he created the heavens and everything underneath it that we see today. God spoke this vast universe into being. Written it says in Genesis 1:3 And God said... and it was so. Christians have this undenying belief in God and that he is the almighty and powerful one, he did create this world, he did create us and everything around us. He is this powerful and a holy person to them and in their minds he is the one and only God that they will ever worship, he is pure, as the first of the 10 commandments say ‘Thou shalt no have no other Gods before me”. The lord forgives and gives second chances to those who...

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...Tri means three and Unity means one Tri-Unity cut down to Trinity, which really is three in one, the basic concept of the doctrine that defines it. As a wider implication, a lot of Christians take their God seriously with their beliefs in what the bible says God did. When we come to worship we all come together on one day of the week and have a service and pray. Most Christians will come together on a small Sunday morning service to come together to discuss God and the Bible and to singing to the lord himself and to pray to him. Together we pray not for the Father, not for The Son and not for the Holy Spirit either, but instead we pray for the three combined and working together as one to create this wonderful image of God for us. For the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit as one joined in union with the Christianity population backing them every step of the way.
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