Christianity: A New Era in Rome

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The reign of Constantine the Great brought a new era to Rome. In the century A.D., Constantine changed the religion of the Romans to Christianity. When Constantine issued the Edict of Milan, Christianity would soon start to make a gradual acceptance in the lives of Romans and change in the lives of Christians then and the years to come. Constantine’s pondering on Christianity most notably in a “battle against Maxentinus” (Funk & Wagnalls New World Encyclopedia). Before this battle, Constantine worshipped Sol who was sun god of the Romans. Before this battle, Constantine had a vision of Jesus Christ, who told him to engrave “XP”, the first two letters of Jesus Christ’s name in Greek, the shields of his soldiers. The next day, he saw what appeared to be a cross scorched on the sun. The cross was accompanied by the words “in this sign you will be the victor (Funk & Wagnalls New World Encyclopedia). Constantine became victorious in battle and thus came into power. On account of this, Constantine decided to give legal recognition to Christianity. Despite of the probable motivati...
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