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"Christianity, if false, is of no importance, and if true, of infinite importance. The only thing it cannot be is moderately important" (C.S. Lewis). Christianity is a religion based on the life and teaching, in the New Testament, of Jesus. It is a type of religion that only believes in one God. People who follow this religion are called Christians. Most Christians believe that God is one eternal being who exists as three distinct, eternal, and indivisible persons: the Father, the Son (Jesus Christ the eternal Word), and the Holy Spirit. Most Christians says that the work of the "Spirit of God", the Holy Spirit, is truly important. They believed that God loved the Earth, so God sent his son, Jesus, to lead them in the right direction. Jesus lived in a town called Nazareth in the 1st century. Christians believed that Jesus was the Messiah of God, who can bring peace and harmony around the world. Christians also believe that as a Messiah, Jesus was chosen as a ruler and savior of both the Jewish people, and hold that Jesus' coming was the fulfilment of the prophecy of the Old Testament and to be chosen to become one of the Kingdom of Heaven. Most Christians believe that salvation from "sin and death" is available through faith in Jesus as a saviour from all this terror because of his atoning sacrifice on the cross which paid for these sins. The reception of salvation is related to adjusting the world and it is usually understood as the activity of unmerited divine grace. The operation and effects of grace are understood differently by these different traditions. Catholicism and Eastern Orthodoxy teaches the necessity of the free will to cooperate among themselves with grace. These reformed theologies goes its furthest on dep... ... middle of paper ... for others like them. People who call themselves Christians may show or live their faith in many different ways. They may also believe different things. Through history the three main groups or "denominations" of Christianity have been the Orthodox, the Roman Catholic and the Protestant churches. Not all Christians use these titles. Sometimes its history has a great impact on many great philosophers of the world, but has a controversy between other religions as well. It is only a matter of time when all religions will collide with each other, but for now they are separated groups of beliefs. Sources: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.
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