Christian Worldview Reflection

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Our worldview defines who we are. In religion, the Christian Worldview is part of a Monotheistic worldview which is part of the three worldviews families which also includes, Pantheism and Atheism. Christianity is special in the Monotheistic view as we believe that Jesus Christ provided us with Salvation; a notion not shared by Muslims and Jews. In this paper, I will explain the essential elements of the Christian Worldview, why faith in Jesus Christ is an essential part of our lives here on earth, and how my faith has impacted my life. God The bible does not give a definition of God, but there are many earthly comparisons to describe what He is. In chapter 2 of our textbook, there is a good description that can apply to God in DiVincenzo…show more content…
I was raised by a single mom until I was seven and faith and Christianity were not part of our lives. My mom married my stepdad, who adopted me and taught us both about his strength faith in Jesus Christ and the Catholic church. I attended Catholic grade school and while I felt like I was going through the motions at the time, as an adult it was very formative. I fell away from the Church in early adulthood and didn’t know why I felt so lost. I met my future wife and she reintroduced me to the Christian faith at her Methodist church. We married and after many trials and tribulations she felt that becoming Catholic was the path for her. I reestablished myself as a practitioner of my faith and she joined me. I think I have a different perspective by not being a Christian from birth and really finding Jesus Christ as an adult. I realize now, that He gives us so much love and strength. I am Christian because I feel it gives me purpose in my life because I know Jesus Christ provides me Salvation to be able to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Atheists attempt to create their heaven on earth. This may make them feel good about themselves and impress their friends, but it is fleeting. They have no hope of eternal life. The Pantheistic people can also only see their path as creating a better version of themselves, sometimes in a never ending reincarnation cycle where they find fulfillment as just a human

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