Christian Vs Aquino

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290 words

The second ethicist Aristotelian eudemonism and Christian are the two apparent tradition of St Thomas Aquino’s philosophy from 1225-1274. Aquino’s follows the ideas of Aristotle which is based on an act is good or bad whether discourages us from doing the proper human end telos or final telos end which is the final end for human. The telos might be eudemonia or happiness. The happiness remarks terms of completion, as well as well doing. The achievement of happiness is not easy, it requires , it requires a combination of intellectual and moral virtues which enable us to understand the nature of happiness it also motivates us to seek in a good and consistent way. Since natural law is a significant aspect of Aquino’s moral philosophy, Aquino

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that aristotelian eudemonism and christian are the two apparent traditions of st thomas aquino's philosophy from 1225-1274.
  • Explains that the telos might be eudemonia or happiness. the achievement of happiness requires a combination of intellectual and moral virtues.
  • Explains that the act regarding food to food starved child stealing food is according to aquino's law definition the human action is good or bad depending by conforming its reason.
  • Analyzes how buddha contradicts aquino's and maimonides' theory, which he is based on why human’s suffering and its cause.
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