Christian Teachings on Wealth and Poverty

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Christians believe that someone with wealth has the ability to influence the world for the good and for the bad. This would suggest that, for some people wealth is not a bad thing, as it could be used to help more of God's children to become closer to God. However, Christians do also teach that money can only be gained in moral and lawful ways, and that the money the gain is a gift from God and is therefore it is intended to be a force for good in the world, not evil. Christians also teach that if people should have the wrong attitude towards their wealth then it can lead people away from God, which means that one would have to be careful with his money. Jesus' Parable of the Sheep and Goats helps to teach Christians attitude to wealth and poverty, and how they should use their money. He says that there will come a day when all people will come before him to be judged, and that he will separate the good from the bad. He will say to the good: "When I was hungry, you fed me; when I was thirsty, you gave me water; when I was naked, you clothed me; when I was sick or in prison you visited me" He will then send the good people to heaven, leaving the bad by his side. Jesus will say to the bad people that they are going to hell because they never fed, clothed, visited or gave water to Jesus. Upon hearing this they will say to Jesus when have they never done these things, and Jesus will reply, "When you did not do it for others, you did not do it for me." This story tells us of the Christian teaching on wealth and poverty, that it is the responsibility of Christians worldwide to help those who are in need and are less fortunate tha... ... middle of paper ... ...e in Colombia, where developers were trying to throw poor farmers off their land, along with their families, and damage the environment whilst trying to develop the land on which they inhabited. Christian Aid helped local farmers to establish an organisation and helped them to develop their land in an echo-friendly way. Christian Aid sees its main aim as to "help people to help themselves." And by giving them "appropriate technology." This means that they will only provide them machinery that can be sensibly repaired and maintained by the local people. Christian Aid also spends part of its funds on providing education for the people of Britain, especially in schools, about the need and importance for world development and how they can help, in the hope that they will do their part for the world's poorer people.
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