Christian Believe About the Sanctity of Human Life

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Christian Believe About the Sanctity of Human Life Christians believe that God has given them the gift of life so therefore no one but God has the authority to end life or prevent new life. Exodus 20:13, “you shall not murder”, is an important biblical passage to the ‘sanctity of human life.’ It tells Christians initially that euthanasia, abortion and capital punishment are wrong although it is more complicated than that. Abortion is not mentioned in the Bible but the passage above does convey that it is wrong and you are sinning. In Luke 1:41 it shows Christians that Elizabeth’s baby was alive and so if you were to have an abortion you would be destroying life. Christians have strong views on abortion and different denominations have different opinions. Roman Catholics believe that falling pregnant is a gift from God and abortion is unacceptable in all cases. They also believe that life begins at conception so abortion is murder. Other Christian denominations also believe this and are pro-life. The Church of England disagrees with abortion but gives exceptions in extreme circumstances such as the mother’s health is at risk. The Church feels a foetus should “be nurtured, supported and protected” as quoted by General Synod and therefore feel it is their responsibility to try and persuade a mother to keep the child offering help. Others feel that as Christian’s they should show compassion and support the woman with her choice whether they agree or disagree. No Christian believes that abortion is wanted. Christians see Children as a blessing from God and therefore most Churches believe that some types of fertility treatments ... ... middle of paper ... ... have no other choice and as Christians they need to stick up for the defenceless. Another reason why Roman Catholics give their opinion on euthanasia as it might become legal which is a worry as they strongly oppose euthanasia. I believe that everyone has the right to express their view and Christians should have that same right but that does not mean they have the right to make others accept that view. I also think that if Christians want their views heard then they should listen to the opposing peoples’ views. Bibliography · Moral Contemporary Issues · The Roman Catholic Tradition: Christian Lifestyles and Behaviour · CGP R.E Revision Guide · · · ·
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