Christian Beliefs and Abortion

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Christian Beliefs and Abortion

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Abortion What is meant by abortion? Abortion is defined in the dictionary as, "The expulsion of a foetus (naturally or by medical induction) from the womb before it is able to survive independently (around 28 weeks)." This simply means the foetus is removed by either a natural or medical procedure before the time of the natural birth would have occurred, before the foetus could support it’s own life. Their are in fact three types of abortion. They are: Voluntary - when the mother decides to have an abortion out of choice, Therapeutic - carried out when the mother’s health is in danger and Spontaneous - when the foetus dies during the pregnancy (the same as a miscarriage). The Abortion Act is what is used to determine whether an abortion is justified, it was passed in 1967 and then amended in 1990. Currently it states that: 1967 Abortion Act An abortion may be performed legally if two or more doctors certify that: 1. The mental and physical health of the woman, or her existing children, will suffer if the pregnancy continues. Or…. 2. The child, if born, would be seriously physically or mentally handicapped. 1990 amendment As the 1967 Act, except that the time limit for when an abortion can be carried out was reduced to 24 weeks. This Act means a pregnant woman has the right to an abortion if: 1. Upon keeping the pregnancy, and therefore having the child, the mother and/or any children she already has would be harming their physical or mental well being. 2. The foetus has been shown to have either a physical or mental disability and therefore would be born handicapped. If two doctors both agree that the woman suffers from either of the points, then abortion is a ...

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... relieve this pain. I do not think that people will ever see eye to eye on this controversial issue, there will always be those who believe in choice and those who believe in life, the only way people can decide, is to listen to each side of the argument and make up their own minds.


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