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How does being a Christian help or hurt the ability of a manager to help drive change in his/her organization?
Change can take people out of a place at work that has been comfortable for them for a long time. It is difficult for some people to accept the fact that change is unavoidable and no matter how much one resist, change will still happen. As Christians we understand the value and significant of putting people above profit. People need to be at the center of the decision making process specifically if they have spent the majority of their life in the organization. I am a Christian manager in the organization that I work for and my scope is that it appears that spirituality in the workplace have numerous application regarding organizational
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For example, new leaders may be promoted, job responsibilities may change, employees may have to learn new talents and competences, there will be a lot of uncertainty and resistant. Adaptation to change has predictable psychological stages that resemble the grieving process and describe normal reactions to change (SHAM, 2011). A manager has to appreciate how change effects people and the emotional pain that will be present because of the change. Being a Christian can hurt a manager’s ability to affect change because the manager’s concentration is on the objective of the change not the person’s problems. The point is to increase, not decrease their ability to effectively implement change. Being a Christian can hurt the ability of a manager to effect change because leaders that comes under pressure, often times lose their bearings or that sensitivity of how their decisions impacts the attitudes and actions of others. In other words, stress can case a Christian manager to stray away from Christian ethics and values. A Christian manager strives to live their values in the work they do. In other words, they bring Jesus to the workplace, and demonstrating the fruit of the…show more content…
For example, my approach to managing is with a servant leadership style which is helpful in driving change in our organization. To further explain the idea, servant leadership focus on the growth of a person, helping them reach their full potential. In other words, the person is more important than the organization. A servant leader is obligated to their followers just as Jesus was to his followers. Being a Christian can help the ability of a manager effect change in his/her organization when it comes to trust, communication and collaboration. The top three competencies when it comes to change are building trust, communication effectively and achieving collaboration (Society for Human Resource Management, 2011). When people are hurting and uncertain about their future, they tend to listen to those they trust. If the people trust you then they will listen to what one has to say. Therein is the foundation for communicating effectively and achieving collaboration. The message of change has to be communicated throughout the workforce continuously throughout the life of the project. The manager has to make a case for change. Can you imagine a preacher preaching a sermon when none of the people listening has his trust? The Christian’s manager has the creditability of accomplishing the buy-in from the stakeholder and as a result,

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