Christ in Catholicism and Other Religions

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The modern society is a highly pluralistic society. Rapid transmission of information in the modern era and the ability of people to travel around the world on a larger scale has created awareness that the world and the modern society has a multitude of diverse and contrasting viewpoints on a variety of issues. This pluralism is evident in the realm of religion than in any other realm. Human awareness of the existence of the many religions in the world, today, is unprecedented. Christians are aware of the existence of many other smaller religions apart from the mainstream Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism and Judaism.
Statistics from the World Christian Encyclopaedia indicates that there are more than one billion people who practice Islam, over 650 million people who practice Hinduism, more than 300 million Buddhists, over 200 million people who practice the Chinese folk religion. The followers of these religions, when combined, are more than the 1.6 billion Christians found in the world. Furthermore, due to diffusion of cultures due to globalisation, there are an increasing number of people who practice non-Christian religions living among Christians in their communities and neighbourhoods (Smith-Christopher 12).
The growing number of Jewish temples, Islamic mosques and Hindu and Buddhist worship centres in major cities, in America and across Europe is testament to the increasing diffusion of religions around the world (Himma 51). Christians believe that Jesus Christ is the ultimate saviour, and no one can get to God through any other way apart from Christ alone. Therefore, it is impossible for a person to be a follower of another religion and receive Christ salvation because salvation lies in the Grace of God that was expressed throug...

... middle of paper ... religions to receive Christ's salvation because they are victims of an enemy that has put them in spiritual slavery by alienating them with the saving grace of God found in human belief, in Jesus Christ who was sacrificed to save people from their sins.

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