Christ as A Master in Discussion of the Dao

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Christ as A Master in Discussion of the Dao

As intelligent beings, we spend much of our adult lives wondering if the life we lead is truly how we should live. The Dao De Jing teaches that we should live a life in which we have reduced our ego to the point of minimizing if not, eliminating its role in our actions and thoughts. By maintaining the smallest ego possible, we are more able to respond to situations with our true hearts, not with the interest of ourselves in mind. By reacting to events and happenings in our life through natural tendencies, we respond through our true self instead of our ego making decisions that maintain our personal interests, or at least keep our personal interests in mind. By responding in our natural mindset outside of our ego, our words and actions are more effective.

By considering the clarity of our perception, in order to have a better response to what life throws at us, we in turn have more effective actions. As the cause and effect nature of life works, particular actions or events in conjunction with a specific situation yield a unique outcome. While as similar actions and situations can surrender to different outcomes, and the same outcomes can come from different causes, a properly executed single word can change the nature of a situation in an instant. By being very much aware of current situations, by reducing our ego to see the reality of things, we are sometimes able to have great effects on circumstances due to valuable thinking and effective actions.

A common aspect of life today that leads us astray from living the ideal life is our busy schedules. Americans in particular try to do too much. From the time we wake up in the morning until the time we go to sleep, we ru...

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... master lives, and how we should strive to live as well.

Though the master lives to the best of his or her ability, this does not guarantee that there will not be doubts. Jesus as an example of a master though considered to be the Son of God and held in a holy state, had his doubts about his faith. On the night before he was to be hung on the cross as he stood in the Garden of Gethsemane, Jesus had doubts about God’s plan for him to be crucified just as masters of the Dao sometimes question its meaning. It is at this point in Jesus’ life that he appears most human, and often this is the point at which people find him most relatable. Though he is both a holy mortal, and Son of God, he too had doubts. Dao masters as well may have doubts, but it does not sacrifice the reality of their experience of the Way, it is simply part of gaining further understanding.
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