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“Thin Between Love and Hate” is a popular 1970’s song that highlights the possibility of caring for someone one minute and suddenly disliking them the next minute because of an intense situation. This song relates to enjoyment and stupidity in life because a person can have the tendency to want to have fun but end up taking imprudent and hazardous steps in order to fulfill their amusement. “Death of an Innocent” written by Jon Krakauer features the unpredictable events that result from the radical acts of an individual named Chris McCandless. Chris McCandless’ wilderness expeditions transfigured him into an imbecile because he demonstrated signs of being overconfident, negligent, and stubborn.
When an individual’s talent exceeds others, they
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As Chris became more fascinated with the wilderness, he increasingly became indifferent towards different aspects of his life. Chris’ operation prior to embarking in the wilderness was fruitless because he lacked the sufficient and valuable preparations. Furthermore, it is appropriate to say that the actions that he took were beyond heedless: “He spent very little time learning how to actually live in the wild” (Christian 1). Practice makes perfect is a common proverb that echoes throughout society but was unfortunately missing from Chris’ life. Chris’ enthusiasm towards nature prevented him from making a logical decision of having sufficient experience with the wilderness itself. Ultimately, Chris was an oblivious person because he commenced into the wilderness with meager supplies. However, Chris failed at entering his excursion with sufficient preparations: “He left the map in Gallien’s truck, along with his watch, his comb, and all his money, which amounted to 85 cents” (2). By leaving his belongings in Gallien’s truck, Chris made an extremely absurd decision. More specifically, he disabled any possibility for him to receive immediate assistance when his health began declining rapidly. Finally, individuals should prioritize rationality in certain situations because it is crucial for them to use when they are blinded by a…show more content…
Because Chris was fixed on living his life the way he wanted, he was intransigent towards the useful opinions from others. Although Chris was an intelligent individual, his brilliance was detrimental for his own good. More specifically, Westerberg, one of Chris’ closest friends, explained how passionate Chris’ mindset was concerning different aspects of life: “He always had to know the absolute right answer before he could go on to the next thing” (4). Gradually, Chris’ restlessness in consistently wanting to discover the correct answer veered him onto a path of becoming adamant. Hence, he empowered for his premature demise because he never acknowledged the possibility of any situation being too laborious for him. Regrettably, Chris’ father confirmed that his son was a self-absorbed person because he never showed concern for the thoughts of others: “If you attempted to talk him out of something, he wouldn’t argue. He’d just nod politely and then do exactly what he wanted” (8). By neglecting the time to reflect on the opinions of others, Chris illustrated how irrelevant he perceived the mindsets of others to be. Chris conveyed that he more so preferred to risk his life in doing something that he loved as opposed to listening to the sheltered and helpful advice from others. When a person is receptive to differing suggestions, they abate their discourteous behavior towards
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