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Chris McCandless, a man who went into the wilderness and died in a bus, in the cold wilderness of Alaska, after living 114 days in the Alaska cold. Though, before ending up in Alaska Chris was constantly on the move. Yet he somehow was able to meet people and befriend them. Such people were Wayne Westerberg, Jan Burres, her boyfriend Bob and finally Ronald Franz. In the end, of meeting all these people, Chris ended up leaving such a strong impression on each of them. Though why did Chris McCandless leave such a strong impression on them? Well, in the book “Into the Wild” by Jon Krakauer, one can read how Chris influenced people, encouraged them, how people thought he was a hard worker that lived out his own beliefs and there are many more reasons…show more content…
There was nobody that was more affected about meeting Chris McCandless then Ronald Franz according to the author Jon Krakauer. When they met Chris already left a strong impression according to Franz his paternal pulses were revived and just couldn’t get him out of his mind. Just from the first meetings and already one could tell Chris would end up leaving a very strong impression on Franz especially after he left. What also left a strong impression was that he was extremely smart, polite and friendly to the point that he actually started to worry about Chris. He grew fond of Chris during the time they spent he even wants to adopt Chris and let him be his grandson. One could already tell that Chris left a strong impression I mean Franz wanted to adopt him his affection for him was real and true. In the book “Into the Wild” Ronald Franz states when Chris left he was hurt after all Chris was able to “unmask the gaping void in Franz’s life even as he filled it. (56)” there is no doubt that after meeting Chris, Ronald Franz was left with a very strong impression of Chris McCandless even though Franz only knew him as

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