Chris McCandless' Search For Truth in Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer

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Christopher McCandless can't be described with a certain term or definition because there is not one particular fixation that can be made about him. He escaped from a world he personally didn't understand. Why people couldn't treat each other righteously, why they lived the way they did. Unhappy and stuck in a mundane system always following the rules. Chris didn't like rules. Rules were a restraint that held him down from being who he was meant to be. He wanted to exist in a world where he was intended to live, where he fit in. And in doing just that, he didn't just leave his old life behind but began a new one. "Alexander Supertramp, master of his own destiny."(p.) 'Alex' was nothing but a human being, a little impulsive yes, but with a different way of looking at life. The obsession over venturing the need to be superlative was needless to Chris. He didn’t need the new car his parents wanted to buy him. He didn’t want the money that was going to ship him off to college. They were the goods that were no good. He was confused at the fact that they didn’t understand who he truly was. That’s what angered Chris and made him break. “Since they won't ever take me seriously, for a few months after graduation I'm going to let them think they are right. I'm going to let them think that I'm coming around to see their side of things and that our relationship is stabilizing. And then, once the time is right, with one abrupt, swift action I'm going to completely knock them out of my life. I'm going to divorce them as my parents once and for all and never speak to either of those idiots again as long as I live. I'll be through with them once and for all, forever." (p.64) Chris had a feeling of complete utter hatred with an up rise of rebellio... ... middle of paper ... of belonging and true meaning. Chris McCandless craved the outside realm and felt deprived from all the wonders of nature. Life in the 21st century has turned people away from their route into the wild and from each other, becoming more egotistic and withdrawn. He favored relationships as he longed to find himself, to be as free as the birds in the sky. He wanted a secluded life, one purely by his rigorous morals and rules. He didn’t want anyone to know where he was, what was on his mind or what his next move might be. Christopher McCandless found true happiness and himself in the wild. He was nothing but a human being, a little impulsive yes, but with a different way of looking at life. He came to the conclusion that “Happiness only real when shared”. (p.) He realized that experiences were only best when someone went through them with you. Chris found his way.
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