Chris McCandless: Hero or Fool?

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Have you ever seen a hero who has run from a place where he has encounter problems? The book “Into the Wild” by Jon Krakauer, Christopher was a young man from a well East Coast family. There’s serious relationship between his and his parents. After graduating from Emory University, he wants to know the truth about his existence. Therefore he decided to abandon his family and invented a new identity for himself. He went on a long journey that ended up in Alaska. Later, after 112 days his dead body was found in Alaska due to starvation. He’s just an irresponsible, reckless young adult. During the weekend trip, Chris has discovered the truth about his father’s past. On his father’s birthday June 10, a few days away after his graduation, he gets emotional and got drunk and left home without having anyone know. Then he eventually discovered his father’s affair along his trip and he, who is known as a bastard and who has held a lot of pain towards his father. In case, He drove to his father’s hometown, El Segundo to learn the detail. When he came back, he lost a great deal of weight and seems different from before. Every bit his sister describes him, ’He was on the bed, asleep. He was so thin He looked like those paintings of Jesus on the cross. When mom saw how much weight he’d lost, she was a total wreck. She started cooking like mad to try and put some meat back on his bones.’’ (118). His purpose in discovering the truth of his father’s past was ridiculous because he spent all his time for the truth and afterward he got pressed down and couldn’t manage anything. He’s probably didn’t eat according to the quote. He’s been a foolish young adult who will just die by the fact that he’s a bastard. He doesn’t understand the people who ... ... middle of paper ... ...people who love him, but he won’t fix any problems because the people who surrendering around him are worried. For instance, you have an internal problem in your home and want to solve it. Do you think that leaving your home may help you solve it? No, this is an irresponsible act that is running away from his difficulties. To conclude, Chris’s action was completely foolish act. He realized that the The wildness is not where to define happiness. He regret for invented himself a new identity. He should’ve encounter severe hardships because we are strong and can defeat every difficult circumstance. We should also respect our parents and obey them, get a good degree and get tasks, and respect life and save it. We shouldn’t put ourselves in danger because we desire to have safe lives. Work Cited Krakauer, Jon. Into the Wild. New York: Anchor, 1997. Print.

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