Chris Lemons: My Ag Teacher

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I have had many people who has inspired me as I was growing up and going through school. One person in particular has helped me grow and become the person I am today. That person would be my Ag teacher, Chris Lemons. When I was younger, I always thought him and my grandpa were brothers because they looked so much alike. Mr. Lemons would always be at my pig farm helping with my pigs as we bred and raised them to eventually show them. When I was around the age of seven, I finally built up the courage to ask if they were brothers and I soon found out that they were not. He was a family friend and an Ag teacher that extremely cared about student success. When I turned nine, I was finally old enough to participate in the bigger livestock shows. Along the side of my papa, they taught me…show more content…
Morphew. She was a great teacher and she taught me so many new things throughout that year but it was not the same without Mr. Lemons. I grew very close to Ms. Morphew in that short year and as I was ready to start out my senior year with her, she had breaking news. She got a job offer back at her hometown that she could not pass up. I was heartbroken again but I understood that she needed that job close to her home. I was so worried about who would be my ag teacher for my final year of high school. As I walked into my pig barn during the summer, Mr. Lemons was talking to my papa. I gave him a hug and we talked about my pigs for a while, then he told me shocking but great news. He was going to come out of his retirement to teach my ag class for my senior year. I was beyond happy. Mr. Lemons, out of the kindness in his heart, came back to teach another year just for me. My senior year was complete. He has been the biggest inspiration to me and my family. I am so thankful God put someone in my life that could teach me so much and help me when I face challenges. I will forever be incredibly thankful for Mr.
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