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Although the title of the book may be true about Chris Kyle, it contradicts the main focus of the story and why Kyle wrote it. Chris Kyle didn't just write this book to show why he is known as the most lethal sniper in American History. He acknowledges other important people that helped him reach the top. He uses his multiple medals and record breaking achievements to prove his tactical ability is some of the finest, and let's the reader know that the fight was not always on the battlefield. Starting at an early age, Kyle hunted with his bolt action rifle and continued later in his life. In college Kyle was asked by a recruiter to become a SEAL. He joined the navy and started a viscous training camp; in the end he graduated in the top ten percent of his class. He was assigned to SEAL Team 3 and began his career. Kyle backs his reputation with his legendary shot outside Sadr City in 2008. He spotted an enemy with a rocket launcher two-thousand,one hundred yards away near an Army Camp. Even though his scope couldn't even dial up for him to have a clean shot, he put him down. This shot was specifically notable because of its unusual range. The average range was from eight hundred to twelve hundred yards, this one shot being far more "out of range" so to speak. Part of Kyle's explanation on his intense training consisted of the importance of recognizing insurgents from innocent bystanders. He quoted, "make an unjustified shot and you could be charged with murder.” Kyle emphasizes the importance of knowing the surrounding area and what to look for by quoting this statement. Unlike the civilized people in America, Kyle refers Iraqi troops to savages. Kyle also describes what kind of insurgents he encounters. He uses the words “cowards”... ... middle of paper ... ...e others recognized for their service, why does he continue to point out his own accomplishments? The most lethal sniper in American history should be a proud title to have. Kyle claims he wrote this book to give credit to other soldiers for their service, and so they get recognized as heroes. At an early age Kyle began his career of elite gun skills. He pursued his ability to hunt down and kill by joining the SEALs. In the book Kyle writes about his missions as a SEAL, as well as the achievements he has earned. With this, he contradicts his own reasoning of the book because he claims the book was for his fellow soldiers, friends, and family. Kyle seems to focus more on the battles than the mental effects of war. Considering all his personal records, there is no doubt he is the most lethal sniper in American history, but he doesn’t seem to think of himself as one.

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