Choosing a Vegan Lifestyle

Choosing a Vegan Lifestyle Erica is going out on a date tonight with a boy from her Biology class. She takes a long shower and washes herself with hard animal fat. Next, she neatly spreads grease derived from wool onto her lips. To finish herself off, she spreads liquid from a shark liver onto her face and sprays some oils and liquids derived from the anal sex gland of the beaver and whale excretion. Now she is ready to go as she is sure that she will impress her date with her dolled up appearance. Little does she know that the soap, lipstick, makeup and perfume have all been created from the slaughter of innocent animals. Animal production for agricultural purposes is harmful to humans, the environment, and of course, the animals which are subjected to testing, mistreatment, and distressing conditions. Veganism is an alternate healthy lifestyle in which people choose not to consume or purchase products which harm animals, their personal health, and the environment as a result of animal production. Becoming a vegan may take some initial adjusting, but after acknowledging all the problems that the meat industry creates, it will hopefully seem like the only choice to make. For the sake of animals, personal nutrition and the environment, choosing a vegan lifestyle reflects a beneficial outcome for all. Animals are the unfortunate, innocent test subjects used when creating new products. Every year, except in UK where it is banned, millions of animals are subjected to painful experiments simply so that people can have a new brand of shampoo or a new scent of perfume. There are three main tests which animals are subjected to. First is an eye irritancy test in which a substance is applied to the eye of a rabbit to see if there... ... middle of paper ... ...ome to millions of species, which can become endangered when they lose their habitats. Trees also absorb carbon dioxide, so fewer trees mean more global warming. And it is not just the land that suffers. Every year farmers in the UK spread about 80 million tons of animal manures and other organic farm wastes on to the land as fertilizer. Much of this runs off into nearby rivers or streams. This run-off endangers the health of fish and other animals in the area. This shows how meat and dairy production is an unproductive use of land, food and water. Choosing a vegan lifestyle is beneficial to humans, animals, and the environment. Supporting veganism can make a big difference in the world. Whether it is for animals, personal nutritional reasons, the environment, or all three, there is no reason why anyone should not at least consider or support becoming a vegan.

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