Choosing a Healthy Lifestyle

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Growing up I have always been fascinated with living a healthy lifestyle. Everyone chooses to live in different ways. Which can be because of many reasons. In wanting to learn more about the different ways of life, I have completed research to further explore. Throughout this paper I will discuss different factors of obesity. Overeating is not the only factor of obesity, there are many other contributing factors that can cause it.

A person who has an excessive amount of body fat can be considered to be obese. Having a BMI of at least thirty can also be characterized as being obese (“Causes and”). Therefore, if a person a BMI under thirty, then he would not be considered to be obese.

Obesity can affect anyone in the world at any age. It does not matter if you are young or old, it can still affect you. Obesity is not something that just happens overnight, it takes a long time for it to happen. In the United States there are alot of people that are becoming obese. “In the United States, more than 65% of adults are overweight” (Mitchell). The amount of people that are obese should be lower. This number has even risen over the last several years. It is harder for an adult to lose weight because their body is more developed unlike a child. Some people get discouraged because they do not see results, so they stop trying. Certain people are starting to think that this is an epidemic since the numbers are rising every year. “In fact, it is one of the leading causes of preventable illness and death in the United States” (Mitchell). Not many illnesses are preventable. Since it is preventable people should do whatever they can to stop it from happening.

One of the biggest factors that causes obesity is genetics. Everyone's genes are ...

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...esh can be expensive. People might always buy junk food and not healthy food because of its price.

Social and economic issues can make you obese. It can all depend on something little like who you hang out with and where you live. People make decisions that can be from their surrounding environment or the community in which they live in. “For example, a person may choose not to walk to the store or to work because of a lack of sidewalks” (“Causes and”). If there are not many places to walk in a person’s neighborhood, then they probably are not gonna try very hard to walk. By having sidewalks around a person’s house they are more likely to get outside and walk. When communities have parks it can give a person a chance to get out and walk. It can be really important to make surrounding look nice and have places for people to become physically active.
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