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Current research and efforts on Cholera world wide
As mentioned cholera is seen in developing countries, it is especially rampant in Sub-Sahara Africa and South East Asia. The main cause of Cholera having epidemic proportion in developing countries is due to unclean and infected water source. We can see Cholera running rampant in disaster and refugee setting where people are cramped in a small space and the unsanitary conditions. A study done by WHO in India has seen epidemic conditions of Cholera outbreaks. They mostly have a seasonal outbreaks, most of the cases are not reported and seem to be unregistered. Findings Of India's 35 states or union territories, 21 reported cholera cases during at least one year between 1997 and 2006. The state of West Bengal reported cases during all 10 years, while the state of Maharashtra and the union territory of Delhi reported cases during nine, and Orissa during seven. There were 68 outbreaks in 18 states, and 222 038 cases were detected overall. This figure is about six times higher than the number reported to WHO (37 783) over the same period. The states of Orissa, West Bengal, Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Assam and Chhattisgarh accounted for 91% of all outbreak-related cases. India has problems with sewage management, food and water safety is not monitored.

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People have periodic cases of Cholera year round and many stat...

... middle of paper ... pathogens due to their close proximity to the home. In some cultures, adults believe that a child’s fecal matter is less hazardous than an adult’s, which results in adults handling the child’s feces more freely.7In order to dispel these myths, it is imperative to teach residents, particularly those in rural areas, about the importance of hand-washing. There are several marketing strategies that can be used to promote hand-washing, including pictorial stories, dramas, games, posters, group discussion, and radio and television campaigns.

We used to life in a sinless world before it was cursed. I do believe that Vibrio cholera and all the other disease causing bacteria are a result of the fallen world. Death and disease is a part of life now, but we can improve its situation. People around the world are suffering from uneccery death and suffering due to Cholera.

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