Choice and Consequence

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Some say that humans cannot tell the future. That statement in itself is true, but only partially. We are able to witness events happen in a similar fashion and watch history constantly repeat itself. Telling the future is impossible, but making a calculation based off of facts and past events gives us the ability to make educated guesses. Roy Dixon has been diagnosed with an irregular heartbeat which leaves him in a state of uncertainty. Since I am his doctor and also an Act Utilitarian I must calculate the consequences of this scenario. I understand that should Roy keep his bus driving occupation he would be happy, but also he could be putting himself and his passengers in danger with his heart condition. If I lie to his employer and tell him that Roy is just fine then this could also have negative repercussions upon myself should he have complications while in the workplace. If I were to set a precedent to where every doctor lies to their patients employers, then this world would be a much darker place. No human being would know if their workers were a liability or not because there would be no accountability. Regardless of my intentions of doing good for Roy by withholding I could allow something negative to take place. Bentham states that, "It appears then that there is no such thing as a sort of motive which is a bad one in itself: nor, consequently, any such thing as a sort of motive which in itself is exclusively a good one" (514). Regardless of my motive I must be aware of the possible consequences which are all that matter. The probability of Roy to have some sort of heart complication while in the work place may or may not be very high, but since there are other lives besides his own put in jeopardy then I cannot bring... ... middle of paper ... ...ccupation, someone with a form of disease or condition that could drastically put more than themselves in danger should not be allowed to hold such a title. If you are the only person you can harm I would have no problem with you living your own life how you see fit, but as long as there is more than just one human being involved I can not support such a choice. I also do not like the feeling of treating other human beings as objects. I now would see that all of Roy's passengers could be put in danger should he have a heart attack while driving his bus. If it was my call to make I would choose for Roy to be in a location to which he could get help should such a situation occur, as well as put no other people in danger. I have come to the conclusion that I will inform the employer of this complication because there are more human beings in danger than just Roy Dixon.
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