Chocolate Eggs Should Be Banned In America Essay

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572 words

Welcome to the United States of America, the home of the free and the home of the brave, a country where dreams come true but you can't eat chocolate eggs while doing so. When this article was first introduced in class I thought it was some sort of joke, the reason this was my gut reaction is because who would have thought that in a country where having a gun which can take a human life that chocolate eggs with a surprise toy inside would be illegal. Since 1989, there have been 3 known deaths worldwide due to someone choking on a Kinder Surprise egg compared to guns who have contributed to 45000 deaths this year in the USA. There are many major issues brought up in this article, the first being that the law that bans this children's treat was created in 1938, since then safety requirements and stricter laws have been created to prevent someone from choking on the eggs. All of this is happening in a country in which people fight for laws to be changed so they have the right to openly carry firearms but they don’t have the right to buy their children a chocolate eggs. Another major area for concern is the black market these laws have created, because it is illegal to import these chocolate eggs, people smuggle them across the border and sell them for profit. …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that chocolate eggs with a surprise toy inside are illegal in the united states of america. the law that bans them was created in 1938 and stricter laws have been created to prevent people from choking on them.
  • Explains that the government has created laws which stop the flow of eggs into the country making them extremely difficult to purchase. 60000 kinder eggs were confiscated at the u.s.
  • Opines that if kinder surprise were legal in the us, it would create more jobs and help the economy.

They are imposing these laws by detaining and fining smugglers up to $1200 per egg. This has certainly scared away those trying to smuggle in Kinder Surprise eggs but according to the national post, 60000 kinder eggs were confiscated at the U.S.- Canada border in 2011. The reason for the ban of the eggs is because the FDA claims that the toys within the eggs can be a choking hazard for kids and therefore in order to protect kids from choking, the USA believes that the eggs need to be

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