Chocolat And The Crucible Analysis

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In the texts Chocolat, by Joanne Harris, and The Crucible by Arthur Miller, the author and the playwright use techniques to create central characters who rebel against their surroundings. In The Crucible, the protagonist is John Proctor and in Chocolat, it is Vianne Rocher. Miller and Harris use similar techniques to create these characters, such as imagery, symbolism, titles, nature references and the narrative perspective. In both texts, these characters are seen as corruptive influences who are used by Miller and Harris to rebel against authority, the expectations of society and the Church. Miller and Harris both use the technique of a symbolic title in their texts. Both titles give the reader an idea of what they will expect in the text. For example, The Crucible is a metaphor which represents separating the good from the bad. In The Crucible, Danforth says to Proctor, "We burn a hot fire here.” This implies that Proctor’s rebellion is represented by the title, The Crucible as it reveals the truth and “melts down all concealment.” This is similar to Chocolat, where the title is...

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