Chocolat Advertisement: A Healthy and Luxurious Treat

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Our world is getting smaller every day due to human intervention. The use of chemicals and modern technologies on our natural world is altering the cycle of life, which has serious ramifications for both the planet and our own health. Animal extinction rates are 1,000 to 10,000 times higher than the natural extinction rate. (Cincinnati Zoo) By the year 2025, 49% of the American population will suffer from a chronic illness that will cost thousands of dollars to treat. (Fight Chronic Disease) Many people, organizations and companies are doing something to help stem the tide. species' class='brand-secondary'>Endangered Species Chocolate is one such company. Through conscientiously sourcing of natural and organic ingredients, using environmentally sound manufacturing practices, and dedicated charitable giving, they are making a difference in our world. Choose natural and organic chocolate for a healthier planet and healthier you. (Chocolate)
Who doesn’t love chocolate?! (Chocolate) This is more a statement than a question that is being posed in the Endangered Species print advertisement. Chocolate historically was a treat only afforded by royalty and the upper class. It was rare and expensive. The overall appearance of the advertisement is simple and direct. The images of fresh, natural ingredients are appealing to a more mature palate. Children would not be attracted to or understand the relationship between chocolate and salt. Cherries are not an overly sweet fruit and in their fresh state, is an acquired taste.
The images of animals on the Endangered Species Chocolate bars are only slices of the whole. The animals they use as graphics are not commonly recognized by children, or for that matter, many adults. They assume a level of education and worldliness with t...

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...ight golden yellow highlight behind the catch-phrase message takes the shape of a bite mark. You are already imagining taking a bite out of the bars displayed before you even read the message.
Over the past few decades we have benefited from the advances science has made in many fields but some things need to remain in their natural state. Our bodies are natural machines, and as such, we should be fueling them naturally. Endangered Species Chocolate has created a line of chocolate products that are not only good tasting, but good for our health along with being beneficial for our environment by ensuring that their ingredients and manufacturing processes meet numerous high standards. This advertisement, while simple in design, sends a direct message that their product will satisfy your needs for a healthy and luxurious treat. What a sweet way to do our bodies good.

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