Chinggis Khan In The Film: Genghis Khan

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Throughout the 1100s, there was a constant war within the Mongols as to who would become the Khan, which is an official title that is given to the people’s ruler. The film, Mongol, is all about how Chinggis Khan, or Genghis Khan as many know him as, rose to power. The film starts off with Chinggis Khan as a prisoner of the Tangut kingdom where he then reminisces on his early life where he was known as Temujin, since he was yet to become the Mongol’s khan. The film follows Temujin from his life as a child to the moment right before he became the official khan of all the Mongols. With this being said, the film is not as historically accurate as one would think. Within the film, there is an event where Temujin (roughly about 10 years old) leaves the tribe with his father in order to select his bride. Although originally Temujin was supposed to marry a girl from the Merkit tribe in order to reestablish the relations that were broken on behalf of his father, Temujin actually chose his wife to be Borte, who was from a different tribe. At this point, it was time for Temujin and his father to return back to their tribe, but on their way home, they had stopped to rest. During…show more content…
Another thing that happens within the film that could honestly be from a translation issue are the ending credits. Within the last couple of minutes, there are compilations of sentences that give an extremely brief history on what the rest of Chinggis Khan looked like. One of those sentences made the claim that with his military and power he was able to conquer half of the world. This could just be a translation issue but either way, Chinggis Khan never conquered half of the world in fact, he was barely able to conquer majority of Eurasia. Other than this, a good chunk of the film actually does portray Chinggis khan’s history filled with both accuracies and

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