Chinese parent's views of United States for study abroad

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Globalization has impacted upon the nature of the agencies that educate children,teenagers and even adults. People could describes globalization as the process by which regional societies, cultures and economies have become integrated through a global network and it has already become a key idea for a focus on discussion in education. In China, the traditional Chinese education thought still is a reference to Confucian thought which is a concept of the moral basis on social mobility, the value for learning and the core of education. Even though Confucianism is at the heart of educational infrastructure of China, most Chinese parents consider that this ideological education is just like a old rut and is sticking to old way. Comparing Chinese educational system with Western, Chinese parents believe that American education system seems to be the most successful in providing advanced education and in fostering personal development of students. As Chinese parents believe that education should be the foremost essence for their children to become globalized, most of them decide that sending their children to study abroad in United States as the best way to pursue a better education. Because of studying abroad in American school, Chinese parents assume that Chinese foreign students would be received an all-round education by studying an open-minded learning environment and would be expected to possess a desirable personal globalization through diverse experiences in contacting with different cultures of people.

Chinese parents admire general education in American education system because it availably provides more multifaceted education to their children than traditional Chinese education. Focusing on American education system, student...

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...l students, Chinese foreign students will achieve a well-developed interpersonal relationship and to obtain a better social networking with other students that is beneficial to be a globalized person.

In conclusion, Chinese parents assume that Chinese foreign students are expected to solve problems and to move through experiences toward globalization. Also, Chinese parents believe that studying abroad in America is advantageous to assist Chinese students in achieving the delightful life and approaching to be globalized. The evidence is that studying abroad in America provides more opportunities for Chinese students to better access to knowledge and to better obtain global view.

Therefore, a trend is notable that Chinese parents are willing to send their children to study abroad in America in order to pursue a better education and achieve personal globalization.
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