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The Chinese burial customs of the 1890s to 1930s are very different than what we see from burial customs now. There are many different, interesting things about the early 1900s Chinese burial customs:: The steps taken when a family member dies, the superstitions about burials, and the difference between our burial customs and the burial customs of the Chinese people during those times.
Many steps are taken when a family member dies. The first step is called the wake. The wake is where the coffin is placed on its own stand. If the family member dies away from home he or she is placed in the courtyard. If he or she dies at home they are placed inside the house. The deceased's coffin rests a foot high off the ground and is covered in gifts from the family. A self portrait or photograph of the deceased family member is also placed by the coffin. During the wake, the coffin is not sealed. After the wake is the funeral ceremony, which lasts over 49 days. If the family is wealthy, prayers ceremonies are held every 7 days for 49 days. The head of the family should be present for the first prayer ceremony and should also be present for the burial. After all of the ceremonies, the coffin is nailed shut. The family then makes their way to the burial site. It is tradition that the eldest son stays by the coffin. Next is the burial. At the gravesite, the coffin is taken down from the carrier and all family members must look away. Once the coffin is lowered, family members throw a handful of earth onto the coffin before the grave is filled. Then the 100 day mourning period begins. During this time, the family wears different colored pieces of cloth to signify their mourning.
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...n the most. Now when a family member dies all ages of family members are treated equally.
In conclusion, the Chinese burial customs are very different from the ones that we practice today because of their burial processes and superstitions. These traditions have been carried on for hundreds of years and superstitions still loom. Chinese burial customs are intricate and taken very seriously.

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