Chinese Immigrants

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Chinese immigrants faced a difficult time in America. They had to

overcome a lot of hardships in order to survive. They had to overcome poverty in

their country to get here while still facing cheap wages when working here. They

got payed little to work in harsh environments that most Americans were to afraid

to. Some Chinese were also stealing some of the Americans jobs which led to a

lot of people hating them. The Chinese overcame poverty, harsh conditions, and

racism to survive in America.

The Chinese, along with the rest of the world, had heard about the so

called “Gold Rush” going on in California at the time. ("Chinese Immigration to the

United States.") With a major war going on in their country many Chinese found

themselves falling poor and into debt. The gold made a lot of Chinese want to

come to America in hopes of striking it rich and living the “American Dream”.

They began to voyage across the ocean to California. Upon arriving a lot of the

Chinese were able to find jobs in the mines or working on the railroad. ("Chinese

Immigration to the United States.") They were hoping to strike it rich but they wound

up getting cheap wages with extremely long work hours during the week. The

average immigrant at this time made roughly 28 dollars a month. ("CHINESE-

the immigrants brought there families along with them to America, so they had to

constantly stay working in order to support an entire family.

Along with the cheap wages the Chinese faced extremely harsh working

conditions. They worked long harsh hours throughout the building of the

railroad. They worked 12 hour days 6 days a week until it was finished. ("Chinese


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...ul Chinese have to thank their

ancestors for making that voyage to America during an extremely difficult part of

their lives, and working their butts off to make sure their future generations could

live that “American Dream” they were shooting for.

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