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Beyond the spring rolls and fried rice, Chinese food offers genuine ancient dishes whose flavors and textures never disappoint. In most cases, one thing has nothing to do with the other. They are totally different worlds. Below are ten authentic Chinese foods. 1. Zongzi Rice could not miss in Chinese food. Yes, forget the version three delights, there are many other recipes that include rice in a more flavorful and authentic way. An example is Zongzi, popular triangle glutinous rice stuffed with meat or beans sweet and rolled with bamboo leaves. Is steamed or boiled. It is a traditional Chinese food that always prepared in the dragon boat festival and its origin is related to the legend of the Chinese poet Qu Yuan. Wrapped in bamboo leaves…show more content…
Despite not being an ancient recipe-its origin is related to a Chinese living in the United States in the nineteenth century, this dish does not lack any good Chinese table. Its name literally means "mixed pieces" and involves cooking different types of meat with vegetables (celery and pepper type) in a wok. An ingredient that must be present in the Chop Suey is green mung bean sprout (or Chinese) that has nothing to do with bean sprouts. This dish is one of the most international Chinese recipes with spring rolls and fried rice. The Chop Suey usually served with cooked…show more content…
There are many types as you want to add ingredients, although usually it is carrying noodles, meat, cabbage and other vegetables. Cantonese version includes crispy fried egg noodles, green peppers, pea pods, Bok choy, bamboo, water chestnuts, shrimp and three kinds of meat: Char Siu (pork), chicken and beef. It accompany with a thick sauce. Chow Mein is one of the favorite in the West to order in take-away dishes format. 9. Chinese Hot Pot (Huo Guo) Known as Chinese or Mongolian fondue pot, the Hot Pot is a feast of flavors and textures that are mainly prepared in winter. Involves cooking different foods in a hot broth with various sauces and place it in the center of the mesa.Include: meat, vegetables, mushrooms, Wan Tan, egg dumping and even seafood. According to the China region in which we find ourselves, the Hot Pot can be made in many ways. 10. Shark Fin Soup The Chinese consider shark fin soup as a real treat reserved for special events like national holidays or weddings. For Asian culture, this dish is a symbol of health and prestige, although it’s main ingredient, fin, is not without much controversy. To prepare, remove the skin is usually the shark fin and dry. In itself, the flap is tasteless and nutritional content is almost nil. What they value most Chinese is its texture. The soup is often accompanied by mushrooms, pork and chicken stock to make it

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