Chinese Exclusion Case Study

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The factors that caused the Chinese exclusion was the mindset of most whites in that time. They were afraid that the Chinese were taking too many jobs for the whites. Another factor is that congress wanted to maintain racial purity. In other words, whites did not like the idea of people who did not look like them come to the united states and apply for citizenship and be able to take their job and able to live like they belong in the united states. I wouldn’t go as far as saying whites were afraid of the Chinese’s it was just they only wanted them for a short time to help build the things they needed and then they wanted them to go back. But when the Chinese started to make homes and a place to live. That’s when the whites got angry because…show more content…
But now you hear how most people want to send Mexicans back to Mexico. It’s kind of the same thing that happened to the Chinese. People are still too blind to see that everyone is equal and should be able to come to the united states. On the news, all you hear is how this person doesn’t like this person due to their background and where they come from. It’s kind of sad that humanity can’t stop hating other people just because they come from a different place of birth. Even though it been many years we still have not changed that much. One ethicality wants to send another ethicality back to where they came from and so…show more content…
Because they would still be considered paper sons and daughter. But as the government calls it undocumented aliens. I think Chinese thought that their lives were less and then those who had already come to the united states. The act probably had them thinking why they were not wanted and what could they do to come to the united states because it wasn’t their fault they were Chinese. Yes, there are other groups who kind of have the same stories as Chinese such as Mexicans. They come for a better life or try to make money to support their family but the government tells them they cannot come over because they don’t have paper and when they cross over to the united states and get caught they are sent back to Mexico. There are some who don’t even make it across they die due to exhaustion. The United States does not even want to help by taking in people from Syria who are dying and trying to escape their problems. A place built by immigrant does not even want them to live in a place they
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