Chinese Energy Plan Project

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With our modern world being so absorbed in technology, it would be “behind the times” to allow ISA students to not use the new technological tools that dangle at our finger tips. Not only are we so graciously allowed to us smart phones to do work but we are encouraged and often expected to use tools to enhance our presentations and research. This essay is being read from a blog, with a Power Point presentation as the artifact, which had been stored in “Google Docs” the online work server. All of this newfangled technology really progressed our knowledge of technological application in presentational mediums as well as easing the burden of research and communication within groups. The Graduate Profile, which resides online at the International School of the Americas’ homepage, states the necessity of knowing how to “use appropriate technological tools to facilitate critical research, analytical thinking, problem solving, effective communication, and professional presentations.”

In Physics, in the face of the Japanese nuclear meltdowns, we were given an assignment to propose an energy plan to a city or country. My group chose Hong Kong, China because of the massive population and its massive need for energy. The project was to be a presentation that addressed the city’s background information, the problem or issues facing the city’s energy use, our proposition and equal roles in delivering the presentation. Our group decided a Power Point over the Google Docs server would be the best medium to have equal amounts of accessibility to the presentation. The background information was to benefit the audience, to allow them to have a base understanding of the city’s situation. The region, location and things that would have influence ove...

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... that there is never a universal solution that could fix every problem faced by every city. This was most obvious by the full spectrum of different solutions created by various groups for a diverse set of cities. Different predicaments call for different solutions and the world will never have a one-size-fits-all solution to the global energy problem but with enough efforts, cities and countries will improve with a shift towards environmental sustainability.

Through this experience, it has enabled me to feel comfortable using Google Doc in a variety of academic ways. I would definitely use the power point program on Google Docs because it is simple, professional and easy to share amongst other students and my teachers. It also helped me to effectively analyze information to synthesize my own positions and ideas on political and governmental issues on a global scale.
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