China, the Boxer Rebels and Dissaproval of Western Influence

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By the late 19th century, 60 years had passed from China’s loss in the Opium Wars and the Treaty of Nanking was passed that opened trade with Great Britain. This treaty held economic bond but also eventually begot many sociological pressures from the strong, Christian nation that did not go unseen by Chinese who were keen to resist any change from their already advanced culture.
Under a weak-governing body, an insurrectionists best method of retaliation against the influence of a strong foreign power was cohesive guerilla warfare. By 1898, Christian missionaries had already been setting laws that created such wide disparity between the Chinese converts and the rest that many Chinese sought different methods including rebellion to try and stop the segregation. The Boxers, a popular rebel group that used an ancient and spiritual form of self defence called martial arts to lead the Boxer Rebellion, served as guide to start a trench war against the powerful influences of the West. Several believed that in a time of such corruption in religion from the Western missionaries, the Boxer reb...
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