China and India

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The two countries I chose to write about are China and India. These two countries

has similarities when comparing their general attitudes. Both countries are very proud

of their country’s history and past achievements. China children are expected to uphold

the family name and to never do anything that might bring shame to their family. They

are encourage to get a good education to earn money to take provide for their families.

Chinese people are taught to put their family needs first before their own. This

shows admiration to the family and brings great honor to the person for demonstrating

unselfishness towards their family. Indians are also family oriented they believe in non-

violence and self denial. They are very religious and they are taught to accept their

course in life even if it brings hardship. They believe that what ever happens to them it’s

their fate that God has bestowed upon their life. They don’t believe in expressing

gratitude toward one another unless a real favor is done. These actions are only displayed

when real favors are gi...
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