Chin Tea Art And Tea Culture In China

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China is home to tea as well as tea art and tea ceremony. As early as the Tang Dynasty, Chinese tea was exported to Japan, Korea, India and many other countries. In China, tea was first used to cure diseases. It is commonly believed that it is Shennong that discovered the tea (Rose, 2010). According to the legend, a tea leaf dropped into Shennong’s pot full of hot water. Then the water became green. He was familiar with the medicinal properties of the plants and knew that the tea was nontoxic. He tasted the tea and found it was aromatic, a little bitter, tasty and refreshing. Tea art refers to the art of making tea, including tea making, tea cooking and tea tasting (Wang, 2009). Chinese people, either the noble or the common people, like drinking tea. Drinking tea plays an important part in Chinese people’s daily life as well as social life. It is necessary to serve the tea to the guests when they visit. In the first part of the essay, I will explain the term of tea art in detail. Then I will discuss the development of Chinese tea art from the Tang dynasty until recent times in China.

The definition of tea art
As Wang Ling (2009) says, tea art refers to the art of making tea, including tea making, tea cooking and tea tasting. Tea art is different from tea tao. Tea tao refers to the though and spirit in the process of making and drinking tea. In other words, tea art emphasizes the visible movements and behaviors while tea tao highlights the thought and aesthetic perception (Cai and Lin, 1995). Generally speaking, tea art is a set of tea laws and customs summarized by the historical and cultural celebrities according to the characteristics of the tea, tea ware, local customs and cultural features. Tea art also represent the respec...

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...hospitality tea art. With the society develops, Chinese tea art has changed a lot. In the Tang Dynasty, the tea was boiled in a kettle or caldron or pot. Tea leaves and tea dust were all used. In the Song Dynasty, the tea is brewed in the bows or cups. A tea whisk made by bamboo is used to stir the mix of tea dust and hot water. In the Ming and Qing Dynasty, the tea cake was abolished and was replaced by loose tea. The tea should be washed before it was brewed. Many steps such as milling the tea cake had been removed. In modern times, tea art becomes simpler. Some popular ways of tea drinking include gai wan shi and kung fu shi. Although tea art has become simpler and simpler, tea has never lost its popularity. Due to limited time and energy, the essay pays much attention to the steps and skills of tea making and did not detail how the tea grew and was processed.
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