Children's Acceptance of Divorce

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Children's Acceptance of Divorce Review of Literature Introduction At present there are rising divorce rates everywhere in the developed world. It is accepted in most societies that "where there is a marriage, there is a divorce." Our society has a confused attitude towards divorce: accepting it as inevitable but at the same time, hankering after the religious ideal of "till death due us part." Even still, the divorce rate continues to climb. Statistics show that, "In the United States, one out of every two marriages ends in divorce and in Canada, one in our." These climbing rates are alarming. It suggests a "divorce epidemic" in society today. This epidemic brings upon new economic problems such as the increasing number of single, divorced mothers on social assistance. But the real concern should be focused on the children involved. Research has looked into the effects divorce has on child and it has been statically proven that a failed marriage brings upon a noticeable affect on the child involved. Emotional State of the child For many children, the news that their parents are s...

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