Children 's Role For Children

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. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, “24 million children in America -- one out of every three -- live in biological father-absent homes” (108). This shows that many men today tend to leave the house and don’t take responsibility when it comes to taking care of their family, and put all the hard work and responsibilities on mothers. According to Mark Mather “The number of single mother families has risen over the years causing people to think that children who grow up without a father tend to be unstable in life (56). In my opinion even though having a father figure at home can be effective in raising the children, it is not a necessary factor in order for the children to be successful. Children can be raised without a father and still be successful people in life for a number of reasons; Mothers can play multiple rules as parents, children can be raised in a more peaceful environment, and they learn to be independent and responsible faster. To start with, negative presence of a father is worse than no presence at all. A home with a mother only, is better than a home with both parents filled with frequent fights and conflicts. Kids learn from what they see, and if a child is raised in a house with frequent conflicts and fights, it is more likely for the child to do the same actions later in life. Since children are yet not fully developed physically and mentally, they can easily be influenced by everything that surrounds them, and if they are often in the middle of a fight, it can affect them by making them anxious, other children can even act out with aggression and anger. As E. Mark Cumming states “Children are like emotional Geiger counter (7). Most children raised in homes with a high level of conflict can have difficulty in... ... middle of paper ... ...nes who come forward in these type of situations. In conclusion, children can be raised without a father and still be successful people in life for a number of reasons, they grow up in a house without fight or conflicts which helps them to be healthier as adults and meet their goals with a healthy mind, they become independent and take responsibilities faster than other children which helps them make effective decisions as adults, also, children don’t need their fathers to become successful people since their single mother does the job of both parents in a sense that they provide for their children, look after them and support them emotionally. Children who grow up without a father have the same opportunities as ones who don’t, and the myth that children tend to fail without a father figure at home is only an excuse for not having a father and not trying hard in life
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