Children 's Hospital : A Community Organization

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North Florida has several community organizations that provides a health promoting community service. The community organization I have chosen to discuss is Wolfson Children’s Hospital. I will be discussing the following four topics concerning Wolfson Children’s Hospital; what type of services are offered, what is the cost to the client or family (if any), how is the agency funded and why is the organization important to the community? The number of programs and services available within community organizations in which provides a health promoting service is immense. As adults, all we want our children to be is happy and healthy. Therefore, leading us to believe and wish that such programs and services (for children) should not be necessary. As adults, we need to remember, “children are not little adults; they have very special health care needs.” Based on this theory, the development of programs and services within community organizations that provides a health promoting community has grown. Wolfson Children’s Hospital along with several institutions, have partnered together to provide the best pediatric care to children until the age of 18, as well as to their families. Some of the programs and services offered by Wolfson’s are: anesthesiology, behavioral health, cancer centers, critical care, ear-nose & throat care, sleep disorder evaluation services and parent resources. These are just a few of the programs and services provided out of thousands that are offered by the hospital. Established in 1955, Wolfson Children’s Hospital is the only full-service tertiary hospital for children in the region, “who provides care for all children regardless of their ability to pay.” The care for all children from Wolfson’s is with assista... ... middle of paper ... ...d adults, a children’s health library for parents/caregivers and a DVD player and movies that are provided at no cost to the family. Wolfson Children’s Hospital has become very dear to my heart, after the passing of my 16-year-old cousin who was diagnosed with Leukemia at the age of 9. She practically lived at Wolfson’s for an entire year before she made peace and moved on. Although she was away from friends and sometimes family, she was able to accept and become more at peace with what was currently happening and what was going happen to her because of the atmosphere, education and supportive services provided by the wonderful individuals at Wolfson. As a result of personal experience with this Community Health Organization, I agree with U.S News and World Report that Wolfson Children’s Hospital is “one of America’s Best Children’s Hospital.”
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