Children and Labor

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Childhood is part of the most important and vital phase in human life. It is the stage when the human foundations and morals are laid for a successful adult life, however many children have their childhood life taken away from them. Many children nowadays, instead of spending it in a safe and carefree environment while learning and playing, are being tortured and forced to work under hard circumstances. Children have their childhood and would do anything to escape it; to get out of the dungeons that they are trapped in. Children are being controlled and tortured by others. They would love to break free from this harsh lifestyle; however this is not in their hands they are forced to live this lifestyle. This is the true story of child labor
Innocent and young children are employed by industries and organizations that put them to work under very hard and cruel circumstances. They are forced to work for very long hours in dangerous factories and sometimes they are forced to carry loads that are much heavier than their own body weight. Then there are households that hire poor children as domestic helpers and beat them viscously and shout harshly at them when they make a mistake. The children are at times starved to death and are given worn out and dirty clothes to wear. Such is the story of many children around the world, painful and yet true.
The two main reasons for child labor are poverty and lack of education. Another reason is poor parenting; poor parents give birth to children even though they can’t afford having a child in their life. Some carry infants to earn more on the streets from begging. Then as they grow they make them beggars, and eventually sell them to employers in big companies. Access to compulsory, free e...

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