Children Should Take Care of Their Aging Parents

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Should Children Take Care of Their Aging Parents Why some people send their aging parents to a nursing home? The answer is that some people do not want to take care of their elderly parents and some people think nursing home care gives the elderly a better care. Most people believe that taking care of aging parents is their children’s responsibility. In different countries of the world, people live according to their own cultural values. They have the right to express their own opinion .Some people believe that children should take care of their aging parents; others think children should not take care of their aging parents. I strongly agree that children should take care of their aging parents for some reasons. To begin with, they gave us life. Parents who help us to grow up; without them we would not be in this world. It was not easy for them to bring us in this world .They provided shelter, clothes, and medicine whatever we needed at that time; also they provided education, and teach us how we could survive in this world. Parents always try to make their children able and they want to see them a successful person. Sometime parents even kill their own desire and happiness to make their children successful. Therefore, they have right to expect something from their children in their old age. Our parents sacrifices a lot of things for us in their life so, children can show their love and gratitude for elderly parents by taken care of them. Another reason is that aging parents need better care which they only get at home because only their children know their parent habits; thus they can give them appropriate care. If we send them to a nursing home, they will not feel comfortable. Caregivers do not know aging parents habits, there... ... middle of paper ... ...te home care nurses; private home caregiver more serious about the aging parent .They give full attention on the aging parent, also aging parents get a new friend; they can spend a lot of time with their home caregiver, so they do not feel lonely in their child’s absent. In conclusion, children who want to see their aging parents happy, they always try to give their parent best atmosphere .Which they only can get at home .However, children should think about their aging parents what do they really want? They only want professional care or a better and happy atmosphere with their family’s every day. It is not necessary children should take care of their elderly parent, but we really need to think about it because parents work their entire lives to support their family and we owe them a lot. So, in my opinion children should be responsible for their aging parents.
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