Children Killing Children

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According to a study by Dr. Suzanne Lego crime has decreased in the past 10 years in all but one area, youth violence. Dr. Lego states that a study conducted by Dr. Joyce Brothers reveals that when a gun in placed on a table in a room where children are playing, and with no one making physical contact with the gun, aggressiveness increases in the level of play. According to Dr. Lego, the same behavior was expressed when a television was tuned to a violent, action packed program (Lego). It is my opinion that this increased level of aggression does not disappear simply because the cause of the aggression has been removed. Rather this aggression remains in the sub-conscience mind waiting for the perfect opportunity to manifest itself in an action. The pent-up aggression could be released in the act of bullying, playing sports, getting into a fight with others, or it may result in the death of another child. The problem is to understand why certain individuals turn to killing others as opposed to turning to a positive release such as playing sports. Boxing, football, basketball, soccer, and wrestling are just a few of the many positive releases for this unexpressed aggression. Perhaps it would be beneficial for teachers, coaches, and parents to pay more attention to the children in their charge, and if these children show signs of aggression, persuade them to participate in the positive release of the aggression. As adults, especially Christian adults, we have the responsibility to these children to guide them in the direction that is respectable and righteous. Proverbs 22:6 is very clear on this point; “Train up a child in the way he should go; and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” (Proverbs 22:6, King James Version... ... middle of paper ... ...tbGl2ZSZzY29w T1zaXRl#db=a9h&AN=1228297>. Lyness, D'Arcy. Dealing with Bullying. October 2010. . Ramsland, Katherine. The Unthinkable: Children Who Kill. 1 February 2011 . Robertson, Lori. When Children Kill Children . September 1998. 3 February 2011 . Sereny, Gitta. Unheard Cries. Ed. Helen Nickas. New York: Owl Books, 2000. Wainwright, Martin. Hadrian's Wall child murder: estimated time of death pre-367AD. 10 September 2010. . Wolff, Sula and Alexander McCall Smith. Children who kill: They can and should be reclaimed. 13 Jaunary 2001. 3 February 2011 .
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