Children And Young Adult Literature Analysis

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Children’s and young adult literature is part of education resources. This type of literature comprises of written works mostly accompanied by illustrations meant to entertain or to instruct young people. Although the type of literature encompasses written works written for this particular audience (children and young adults), Galda, Liang, and Cullinan (2017) argues that this collection includes books that children and young adults enjoy even if they were not primarily written for them. For instance, young adults can associate with fiction works meant for adults. This paper will discuss three genres of children’s and young adult literature namely, contemporary realistic fiction, picture books, and historical fiction. The discussion will…show more content…
Contemporary Realistic Fiction As defined earlier, the events in contemporary realistic fiction can actually happen. Being a fiction, the events in the story are the product of imagination of the author. However, the author focuses on contemporary issues. Popular themes in contemporary realistic fiction include family life, personal life, sexuality, growing up, survival, and death among others. Fictionalized characters who deal with familiar everyday problems, pleasures, and relationships enhance these themes. This realistic plot is what makes the genre contemporary. Through contemporary realistic fiction, young readers learn about life problems and how to solve them, learn from the experiences of the characters and compare them to their own. Realistic fiction authors have provided young people with a vast amount of writings that have helped them understand the world and life…show more content…
In picture books, both the text and the illustrations (drawings, pictures or art) tell the story. Most children’s literature are picture books, and are mostly fictional. Picture books can be of different types such as , wordless picture books, realistic picture books, nonfiction picture books, easy readers picture books, concept picture books and others. Picture books are different from illustrated books. In picture books, the illustrations are part of the story while in illustrated books, the story can be understood without the

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