Childhood Trauma

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Can anyone possibly imagen the types of abusive traumas that children experience and how can they impact their lives? A child experiencing trauma at a young age could be very crucial for their development. Childhood trauma can range from minor to complex. An event occurring in a community where a child resides can impact trauma on a child. On the contrary, there are events that can be way more complex, such as a domestic violence involving a child. There are a few signs that children show, to notify someone that they have experienced trauma. The signs can vary depending on the age group of the child. Trauma can also lead children to develop stress at an early age. In addition to withdrawal from normal activities as well. The types…show more content…
The types of abusive traumas that children can experience involve physical, mental or emotional, as well as sexual that can lead to a variety of manifestations as they mature ranging from inflicting the same harm on their children or other younger children to more deadly crimes such as serial killing.

In general, child physical abuse can be a hard topic to discuss among those who truly care for children. Next to child neglect comes along child abuse. Children, Women and even men are abused. Abuse comes from the dominated figure in the relationship. Child abuse is define differently depending on the state that the accused abuse occurs in according to the national child traumatic stress network. It is the second most reported type of child abuse out of 25% of child abuse cases. (Net) Most parent who inflict pain on their children that can be considered physical abuse have no idea that they are harming the child. Even the simplest of physical chastisement is considered abuse. “In Arkansas, Minnesota, and the District of Columbia, hitting a child with a closed fist is considered physical abuse. In Arkansas, hitting a child on the face or head is also called
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(Net) Because of this there is a huge debate occurring between abuse and discipline. From the brutality and the force of the abuse can cause child to lose their trust for the person or persons giving the “Beatings “. In addition to the loss of trust a delay in development, learning disorders, motor disorders, intellectual disabilities, hearing loss or poor physical growth. (Bucks) It may be hard to determine whether if a child is being abused. But, as listed by (Network) “The best way to know if a child has been abused is if the child tells you. There may also be physical signs, such as welts and bruises in various stages of healing, fingernail marks, human bite marks, burns, lacerations, abrasions in the pattern of an instrument, and missing, loose, or broken teeth. It is very possible for a child to be physically abused without anyone noticing if the child’s injuries are hidden by clothing. Currently within the PA all child care providers are being required by to partaken in what is called Mandate Reporter training. It is an online course that is about six hours. Once you have read through the slides and answered the question corresponding to the featured videos you are present with an award of completion. Once complete you are considered a mandated report.
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