Childhood Obesity and Fast Food Intertwine

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Childhood Obesity is of the most concerning diseases among children today; fast food is one of the main causes because people are uneducated about it. One out of three kids in the U.S. is overweight (Overweight in Children, 6). Fast food has been proven to be a huge factor in this childhood disease. Kids meals are overloaded with calories and high in fat. Knowing what is put into children’s mouths can enable them to live a healthy and happy life.
Childhood Obesity has increased fivefold in the U.S. Childhood Obesity has increase from 6.1% to n18.4% in ages 12-19. “Recent data suggest that nearly 15 percent of U.S. youngsters and almost one third of adults are obese” (Holgun, 2).This disease is of no. 1 concern among parents because it can lead to other deadly diseases. Childhood Obesity is now causing doctors to see health problems that usually are not seen until adulthood (Overweight in Children, 7). Children that are obese are more likely to be obese as adults. This obesity issue leads to more risk of adult health issues some of those that may be deadly (Childhood Obesity Facts, 1). Immediate health effects are cardiovascular disease, like high cholesterol or high blood pressure. Long term health effects are heart disease, type 2 diabetes, stroke, or even cancer (Childhood Obesity Facts, 1).
Eating too many high-calorie and high in fat foods is a huge contributor to obesity (McMillan, 3). “Knowledge about good nutrition not only helps to bring about desired weight reductions, but also is an important element in overall good health” (McMillan, 3). Children who do not eat fast food do not consume as much fat, sugars, and carbs as those who do (Holgun, 2). Only 3% of kids’ meals at fast food restaurants meet the calorie standards...

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