Childhood Obesity and Diseases

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Childhood obesity has been on the rise for some time. Obesity can cause numerous diseases such as hypertension, diabetes and heart disease, and it could actually decrease the life span of overweight individuals. To find a solution, we must look at why this is happening. Could the cause be the increased number of working parents, fast food availability, portion sizes, or sedentary lifestyle? I believe obesity in young people is multifactorial and all of these things contribute.

A sedentary life style has become the norm for many children today. They often play inside rather than choosing an outdoor activity. My son owns a laptop, a play station, an x-box, a tablet, and an I-phone. When I say it out loud it sounds ridiculous. He does like to ride bikes and play ball, but more often, he plays video games or watches television. We can no longer count on schools to provide physical activity either. The Atlanta school system banned P.E. in the hope of raising academic performance, and fewer than half of the nation's schools offer P.E. Not surprisingly, the proportion of high-school kid...

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