Childhood Obesity

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Childhood obesity has become a large problem in recent decades. It is a problem because it will lead to unhealthy life habits and continued obesity in adulthood. It is important for children to have a healthy weight so that they have less risk for serious medical issues. Childhood obesity can be caused by unhealthy diets, no limitations on electronic usage, inactivity, and lack of sleep.
Consuming fried foods, snacks, sugared drinks and skipping breakfast are all factors in overweight children. Parents play an important role in what their children think their diet should be. When unhealthy snacks are consumed by parents and fed to children, children will continue to think it is acceptable on a regular basis in their diet. Recent studies have shown that too much electronic usage may be a cause of overweight. “Time spent viewing television, using the computer, internet surfing, or playing video games was associated with a higher prevalence of obesity” (Liou and Chang 1246). Children are not given enough limitations on electronic usage causing higher inactivity rates that can lead to o...
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